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The Salish 200 is a 204 mile course around the San Juan Islands in the Salish Sea and down through Puget Sound around Vashon Island. The race was created in 2020 as a short handed event (limit of 5 crew) and is the longest race and one of the most challenging courses in the Pacific Northwest.


There are three scored courses:

Puget Sound 100: For boats that start off of Point Hudson and complete a circumnavigation of Vashon Island finishing off of Marrowstone Lighthouse.

San Juan 100: For boats that start off of Point Hudson and complete a circumnavigation of the San Juan Islands finishing off of Marrowstone Lighthouse.

Salish 200: For boats that start off of Point Hudson and finish off of Point Hudson after rounding the San Juans and Vashon Island.

The event concept is simple:

Start line: off of Point Hudson Marina pier (Port Townsend) taking the pier to port and a mark to starboard.

Start time: Friday June 18th at 7pm GPS time (0300 Zulu).

Finish cut off: Sunday June 20th at 9pm (50 hours of sailing)

Crew limit: None - let's go TP-52s!  Double handed boats will be scored as a class in addition to overall.

Eligible Boats: All coast guard approved sailing vessels. Motors are not allowed on the course unless required for the safety of the crew or vessel.

Course: Figure 8 around the San Juan Islands (Round The County marks) and Vashon Island. Direction and order is entirely up to you: you can start going north or south and transit the islands clockwise or counter clockwise.

Marks: Boats shall record their GPS time by taking a picture of a GPS enabled device when passing any of the following weigh points:

- Patos Island Lighthouse: crossing Longitude 122.95 deg W north of Latitude 48.79 deg N
- Neil Point Vashon Island: crossing Longitude 122.49 deg W south of Latitude 47.33 deg N
- Marrowstone Lighthouse: crossing Latitude 48.101 deg N after rounding one of the above marks
- Point Hudson Finish: crossing Longitude 122.75 deg W between Latitude 48.113 and 48.116 deg N after round all marks listed above

Scoring: All boats must record their times when passing the marks listed.


Finish order (time adjusted based on PHRF and ORC) will be posted for each boat that completes one or more of the listed course. Boats that do the Salish 200 will be scored in either the Puget Sound 100 or San Juan 100 depending on which one they complete first.

Trophies: There will be virtual trophies listing the top three finishers for each course.

Read the official CYC Notice of Race HERE


Event Description

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